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At, we have made it our mission to ensure the proper tools to help fight canine cancer, make it to market. We have seen the results of this new cancer preventing vaccine for dogs and with your signature telling the USDA to approve the vaccine, we are one step closer to sharing it with every dog owner in America.


Sign below showing your support of a vaccine that will save dogs from ever getting cancer!


“We need to solve this problem, and this solution is tested and ready.  Lets stop 11 dogs  dying every minute.”

        – Jennifer, Lost her last Golden to Cancer

Sign the Petition

Help us get the vaccine approved by the USDA and EndCancer for Dogs!

Request Letter to the United States Department of Agriculture: Center for Veterinarian Biologics



USDA Chairman Vilsack
1400 Independence Ave., S.W.

Washington, DC 20250


As a dog owner I am well aware of the risk of developing cancer in my pet – 30% lifetime risk.  As you know cancer is usually detected at late stages in dogs, resulting in very poor survival rates.  Making the situation worse is that dogs do not have available the range of treatments that humans do.  This situation begs for fundamental improvement.


The Vaccine Against Canine Cancer clinical trial is testing a vaccine to PREVENT cancer.  If such a vaccine is safe and shows any possibility of being effective, I strongly urge your Agency to do what it can to help bring this vaccine to market.  We desperately need this type of transformative approach to dog cancer.  Please help us prevent cancer in our pets.  We hope this vaccine for pets will also help bring the same benefit to people.  


Thank you

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